Carecorp is a full-service provider to the senior care community.

Top quality services provided by Carecorp


We offer a variety of care choices, from basic home support to full complex care for those who require comprehensive nursing supervision. Our skilled, care staff provide a wide range of therapies – including physical, mental, social and recreational – to help residents realize their potential for health and happiness. Our carefully selected and qualified staff of care professionals is thoroughly interviewed and screened to verify their experience and qualifications. Our staff also has full insurance protection. Finally, we respect our clients’ need to know and understand their medical conditions and treatments. That’s why we make sure they always have access to their own records.


We ensure the proper food preparation, delivery and service, including performing and documenting audits that test palatability and temperature. We practice and maintain cleanliness and sanitation according to required standards set by the Health Department and the facility. We estimate production requirements according to the needs of the facility, order and receive supplies as per established purchasing practices, and resolve discrepancies with suppliers as required. We establish and ensure maintenance of food rotations in storage/inventory in order to minimize spoilage and waste and maximize food quality as well as guarantee food safety. We promote and maintain positive communication and relationships among management, staff, residents, and the public.We revise and maintain seasonal 4-week rotational menus based on the likes, dislikes, requests and nutritional needs of the residents.

Carecorp Seniors Services, 401-1525 Robson St, Vancouver BC V6G 2C3, Canada INFO@CARECORP.CA

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